Raw physical strength and fierce determination are the characteristics needed to win the championship in the Tug-O-War contest.  Each evening during the fair, members of local fire companies compete against each other.  Only the strongest and the fittest survive this single-elimination pull!!  The rules are easy – each team consists of ten men, all members of the same fire company.  No gloves or spikes are allowed.  The rope is thick and heavy.  Holding tightly to the rope, the team must pull the opposing team over the predetermined line.  The spectators cheer for their favorite with loud, encouraging chants of “PULL, PULL”!!


The Goshen Country Fair has sponsored the Tug-O-War competition for almost all the years of its existence.  Some of the past champions of the Tug-O-War contest are Ludwig’s Corner Fire Co, Lionville Fire Co, Fame Fire Co, Goodwill Fire Co, Edgemont Fire Co, and 1st West Chester Fire Co.  Who will be the champion this year?


Come out and “Pull” for your favorite Fire Company team at the Goshen Country Fair.