A fair is never complete without the rides!  Because Goshen prides itself on excellence, Majestic Midways will once again be joining us as our ride provider.  They have over 105 years experience of “Show Business Excellence” and were also awarded the “Circle of Excellence” given by the OABA (Outdoor Amusement Business Association).


New Carnival Credits program being launched by Majestic Midways which replaces paper tickets. Credits are purchased (cash or credit) via kiosk and then used at rides & participating vendors throughout the carnival grounds utilizing several electronic means (app, wrist band, card, etc.) as seen at other amusement parks. Additional info can be found at the kiosk(s) and a Majestic Midways staff member will be on site to help answer any questions.


The pricing packages are:
  • $35 wristband each night plus $2 service charge
  • $30 for $120 Credits plus $2 service charge
  • $60 for 240 credits plus $2 service charge
  • $100 for 400 credits plus $2 service charge



The wristband option is offered each night of the fair, and is only good for that night.


*Any and all applicable COVID-19 precautions will be followed per CDC & State/Local guidelines

**Last updated 6/2022